Nizzar and Melanie

Melanie started collecting coins at a very early age. She would collect as many different coins as she can wherever she went.

Nizzar did not get into collecting any banknotes till he met Melanie.

Nizzar and Melanie. One day Melanie was showing Nizzar all the beautiful coins she had collected over the years. As they spent hours looking at coins, the business side in Nizzar wondered if there would one priceless coin hidden in this collection? So off they went to a book store to buy their first coin reference book.

While at the bookstore, Nizzar saw a copy of Standard Catalog of World Paper Money and started browsing through it and he was hooked! Although the pictures were in black and white, they looked so much like timeless works of arts capturing a snapshot of actual human history. His enthusiasm and interest was not lost on Melanie and she agreed that both – coins and banknotes had their own beauty. That day, they brought home two catalogs. And so the journey started.

Although Melanie still finds odd coins to add to her collection, banknotes have overtaken the coins by a huge margin. Collecting instantly turned into selling as well when Nizzar realized that whenever and wherever possible, he wanted to have the best and the highest graded banknote, so he kept upgrading.

Our inventory is by no means vast, but it certainly is purchased with love and care. We are not only selling you a banknote, we are collaborating with you in helping you build your collection with much love, care and passion that we had on that first day we purchased our very first banknote. We hope to be a part of your journey.

Thank you and good luck!