Bahamas Specimen Set L.1968 PCS3 (P26s – P33s) AS ISSUED


Country : Bahamas
Issuer : The Bahamas Monetary Authority
Date : L.1968
Pick Number : PCS3 (P26s-P33s)
Denomination : 1 Р100 Dollar Specimen Set
Variety : Specimen
Grade : Uncirculated

*** Portrait : Queen Elizabeth II ***

Very beautiful and rare complete specimen set of the Bahamas Monetary Authority in blue presentation booklet.

Each banknote is sealed in a PVC sleeve. Due to the nature of PVC, creasing is seen on the surface of the sleeves. Whether or not the banknotes are affected by the PVC creases I cannot tell. There is also some dust (grit) from breakdown of the cardboard of booklet. The banknotes are in no way affected by this dust.

Catalog value of $2600.

Corners : Sharp
Edges : Sharp
Folds : No
Creases : Uncertain
Tears : No
Graffiti : No
Washed : No
Pressed : No
Trimmed : No
Altered : No

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1 – 100 Dollar Specimen Set


P26s – P33s

*** Portrait : Queen Elizabeth II ***