West African States / Mauritania 1000 Francs 1961 P503Eb PMG Very Fine 20


Country : West African States – Mauritania
Issuer : Banque Centrale des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest
Date : 20.3.1961
Pick Number : P503Eb
Denomination : 1,000 Francs
Variety : Regular Issue
Grade : PMG Very Fine 20

*** Man and woman at center***

Code Letter E

Signature 1

Vibrant, colorful engraved note depicting a man and woman on the front, and an older man popping out of some bushes, waiting for you to answer his riddles so you can cross that terrifying rope bridge in the background.

Well travelled note with very minute splits along the bottom edge. Circulation, ageing stains, and handling throughout. Misses out on EPQ designation because of ageing stains and soiling.

Corners : Sharp
Edges : Sharp
Folds : Yes
Creases : Yes
Tears : Yes
Pinholes : Yes
Graffiti : No
Washed : No
Pressed : No
Trimmed : No
Altered : No
Other : Ageing stains, soiling

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West African States / Mauritania

1,000 Francs



*** Man and woman at center ***

PMG Very Fine 20